The history of LEGO "Super Cars" is even longer than the Technic line itself, beginning in 1977 and running right up to the present day. There is no official definition of Super Car and therefore different fans might include different models on their own list. Most fans consider a Super Car to be one of the large scale automotive models from Lego technic line which attempt to maximize realistic function as much as possible. Over the years, the models got more and more functionally realistic, and the complexity functionally wise peaked in around 1994. Since then, subsequent supercars have become more realistically styled without adding a lot of complexity functionally wise, it was more about new construction techniques and style.

2011 - 8070 Supercar

8070Again in 2011 Lego will itroduce a super car in line with the 8448 Street car or even earlier 8860 chassis. This time it will contain even contain power functions as you can see on the box. As far as has been revealed the doors, bonnet and rear fin are motorized with the M-engine.


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