1994 - 8880 Super Car

Chassis: Multi-layered and strongly built, I can't agree with the reviewer who thought it flimsy. 853 was flimsy (bless it..). This feels strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast.

Engine: Rather too quiet for my taste and in the wrong place (again!) and what's with the chain drive in the geartrain? This may be why it never seems to run that smoothly. For all that, it's a V8 and V8s, as we all know, are a good thing.

Steering: This was the '90s, remember, and various car manufacturers were experimenting with four wheel steering. Lego joined in and adopted a system not unlike that of the late '80s Honda Prelude. Clever stuff, and I like the facility to steer it from the top of the car; although it would have been better to supply something other than the wheel whose tyre constantly slipped on it's rim to steer it.
Suspension: Double wishbones all round - that's how to do it! Good and strong, too, if a little bulky as a consequence. Those grooved balls that sat in the hubs to provide an articulated joint were a very good method of squeezing the linkages into a reasonably dimensioned track.
Gearbox: A massive leap forward at the time, with four smoothly operating ratios. I think the clutch gears were introduced with this set, among many other wondrous things.
Body: Probably the least satisfactory aspect of this car, showing the limits of what can be done with studded beams. Still, full marks for effort.. Amazingly complex to build (all those hinges...) and ends up looking somewhat bulky, although it is strong. At least it's not the riot of random colour 8865 was. The opening rear end is neatly done and the pop-up lights are fine, but these don't work quite as cleverly as the ones on 8865.

Overall a great and rather heavy set even the power functions can't get it moving due to the amount of weight and lots of gears. Even the second model out o fthis set the Formula one is of great detail and could be a set by it's own.

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