1977 - 853 Auto Chassis

853 auto chassisThe 853 auto chassis was one of three models of first release of Technic models in 1977 as we know it. For the time a great model. I got the 8860 auto chassis in 1980 the next version. The 853 was a great model for that time. I managed to buy it in 2009 including the box and inner tray. I was stunned about this model knowing it was the first in a series of cars we know today.

Although the model was not perfect like the wheels touching the chassis when doing a sharp turn. The steering is a parallel steering. The engine is a four cyclinder in a row with a big fly wheel in the front. The big chairs are adjustable vertically. This model is a four seater. With this model the introduction of big wheels with size 24 x 43.

Amazingly this car has a gear box with 2 speeds it lacks however a differential gear what you experience driving this one. All together a great model to have. For the inventory list visit peeron 853.

Besides this model the instructions contain a kind of buggy like car. Additionally you find several bodies you can place on top of this chassis like an american truck, or a station wagon. Finally you can motorize this car with the electrical 4.5v engine set.


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