The history of LEGO "Super Cars" is even longer than the Technic line itself, beginning in 1977 and running right up to the present day. There is no official definition of Super Car and therefore different fans might include different models on their own list. Most fans consider a Super Car to be one of the large scale automotive models from Lego technic line which attempt to maximize realistic function as much as possible. Over the years, the models got more and more functionally realistic, and the complexity functionally wise peaked in around 1994. Since then, subsequent supercars have become more realistically styled without adding a lot of complexity functionally wise, it was more about new construction techniques and style.

1977 - 853 Auto Chassis

853 auto chassisThe 853 auto chassis was one of three models of first release of Technic models in 1977 as we know it. For the time a great model. I got the 8860 auto chassis in 1980 the next version. The 853 was a great model for that time. I managed to buy it in 2009 including the box and inner tray. I was stunned about this model knowing it was the first in a series of cars we know today.

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1980 - 8860 Auto Chassis

The 1980 'upgrade' of the auto chassis is a tremendous car. This car even has Ackermann steering geometry. This means the steering wheels follow the circle of the centre of the car during steering into a curve. Besides that this car chassis has it all.

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1994 - 8880 Super Car

Chassis: Multi-layered and strongly built, I can't agree with the reviewer who thought it flimsy. 853 was flimsy (bless it..). This feels strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast.

Engine: Rather too quiet for my taste and in the wrong place (again!) and what's with the chain drive in the geartrain? This may be why it never seems to run that smoothly. For all that, it's a V8 and V8s, as we all know, are a good thing.

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1988 - 8865 Car Chassis

The next evolution after 8860. This model was more sporty looking and was the first to include the outline of the whole car. The new "Test Car" fixed the problem of 8860 by having suspension which actually went up & down, rather than up/in, down/out. Lego started work here on firming up the construction to make it much harder to break when dropped.

1999 - 8448 Super Street Sensation

8448I built the gull-wing door model, but the convertible is just as good. Even more impressive considering it has a folding hardtop, which is now commonplace, but back then only the Mercedes SLK had such a thing. Lego had foresight.

The gearbox has reverse (a step up from the 1994 version), it has independent suspension all round, although this is not as good as the 1994 effort (and way too soft), and it has the usual V8 engine.

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