Memory Lane First Steering Car

Lego set 381Memory Lane - First Steering Cars

Last week I was browsing through my Lego catalogue and my eye catched this set 381 from 1973. I never had these myself. My grand parents had this set amongst the Lego from my uncle we played with when we visited them. I remember that I as a kid was intrigued by this simple steering technic. Nowadays I tried to mimic the setup with some conventional Lego pieces but I didn't got it that stable. So I planned to buy some used sets. Back than I could play for hours making turns and driving in and out parking places both backwards and forward.

The solution is simple, you have a conventional 2x4 brick with wheel shafts on the short sides with on top a long pin that reaches 5 brick equivalents high. On top you could put a 1x2 brick always with the Lego Logo. Here on the left a picture of this part. Besides that you needed a base plate with an extra 2xY plate piece with a hole in between the first 4 studs. On top of the cabin you needed a plate 4x6 or 5x6 with a hole as well in the middle. With these 3 pieces you could make the most exciting cars. I even tried sedans back than but that didn't work well and it looked a bit stupid with this pin sticking out of the hood.

Anyway I am still fan of this series. A bit of history is that this technique was introduced already back in the late sixties 1967 back than with a white steering stick later it was replaced with a black one.

Lego Sets:
1967: 6 sets; 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 371
1968: 1 set; 336
1969: 2 sets; 310, 337
1971: 6 sets; 371, 372, 374, 375, 376, 377
1973: 5 sets; 710, 730, 381, 382, 383

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