First Merecedes License with Unimog

Set 8110: Mercedes-Benz Unimog 400

Set 8110 Mercedes-Benz UnimogFinally Lego gets into the real deal; Mercedes-Benz. I am not only a huge fan of Lego but also of Mercedes-Benz. Not so much the utility vehicles or trucks but more the cars business, but anyway this is promissing for the future. I am looking forward to next years Mercedes-Benz releases.

This set is very well designed and equiped. Both PF and Pneumatics are used to mimic the real car as much as possible. Lego really managed to keep very close to the reallive utility vehicle. Especially the drive train, suspencion and body are close to perfection. What strikes me is that for the first time 2 different technologies (PF and Air Pressure) are combined in one set plus a huge amount of new designed parts as well. All in all it justifies the relative high set price.

On TechincBricks you can find a very detailed review of this set I personally red several times. Besides on youtube you can find a good review movie where the several functions are shown in detail close ups. Just enjoy these reviews before you buy it!

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