Pimped 9398 4x4 Crawler

This is my new catch. It is a great car technically. The new engines for driving are awsome. They are really much stronger than the old ones. Design of the car is ok. I miss an engine block that wouldfit great.

Besides that the car is really strong in ground control it can take the most steep and uneven grounds. But driving speed is disappointing. I know it is power or speed. So after playing on all kind of climbing situations I made some investigations to speed it up.

There are 2 places where you can easily change the output speed of the car in the current design. In these 2 places you can easily exchange the position of the small and big gear, which means increasing speed.

First one is the easy one: the output of power is via a small black gear 12 tooth onto a tan gear 20 tooth which decreases the speed of the engine by a ratio 5:3. You can easily exchange the 2 gears and reversing the configuration to a speed increase by the same ratio. This is already an improvement.

The second place is just before the power goes into the steering portal axle housing. This one is a bit more complicated. You have to decouple the steering and remove a part of the bottom to get the 2 gears free for exchange. Besides that you have to do that for every single wheel. Especially decoupling the steering is a bit tideous. However after half an hour you increased the speed with twice the ratio 3:5 and that is FUN!!.

As explained earlier more speed means less power so it is not so good in steep climbing anymore now it can still take considerable obstacles.

So now is time to build the Dakar truck with steering at the front because it is a bit silly to have a truck with rear steering.

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